About Reiki

Reiki literally means Universal Life Force.

It is popularly known as a hands on healing technique – of hands when lightly placed over a patient’s body facilitates healing. It is a spiritual healing art with its roots in Japanese origin. This method is taught through a series of initiations transferred from a Master to the student after which the student is reconnected to the Universal Life Force. Practicing or receiving Reiki calms the mind and raises the life force energy in the body. It is considered as the best preventive medicine in the world. It is an easy technique to follow and available to all.

We believe in the vision of William Lee Rand, “The greatest plan the creator of the universe can conceive will fully manifest for each one here” and “May the followers of all religions and spiritual paths work together to create peace among all people on earth.”

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Why Us

Years of study and practice, passion and dedication has made Shallini into an open book. Any student or patient can benefit immensely by knocking at her door for guidance or treatment of the self. They can derive knowledge of the path to connect to the universe and all that it offers in the best possible way!

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