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Greetings! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Shalini, and I am honored to be your guide on this journey of self-discovery and healing.

For those seeking energy healing, alternative therapies, or personal growth, you've arrived at the right place. I am a passionate practitioner of energy healing, a holistic approach that utilizes life force energy to remove blockages and stimulate the body's innate ability to heal itself. As an energy healing therapist, my role is to help bring your energy field into harmony, promoting well-being for your mind, body, and spirit.

My path in the healing arts began in 1997, and since then, I have dedicatedly studied various modalities with unwavering commitment. Allow me to share my credentials with you:

Allow me to share my credentials with you:

  • I learned the foundational levels of Reiki 1 and 2 under the guidance of Masters Soumya and Chander Kumar.
  • I furthered my Reiki education, studying Reiki 3 and 4 under the tutelage of Renuka Maduri.
  • For over 16 years, I was mentored by the esteemed Shakuntala Sharma in Pranic Healing, attaining the advanced level of Arhatic Pranic Healing.
  • I had the privilege of acquiring Holy Fire III, Art Master, and Karuna Reiki Master from the renowned William Lee Rand at the International Centre for Reiki Training in Michigan, USA. I was among the first 200 students to receive this training.
  • On William Lee Rand's recommendation, I completed Reiki I and II with the esteemed Kathie Lipinsky in New York.
  • I studied the traditional Jikiden Reiki, including Shoden, Okuden, and Shihan Kaku, from the respected Usui master Frank Arjava Petter.
  • I have expanded my repertoire to encompass Sujok, Triorigin therapy, seed therapy, and allied methods, trained by the knowledgeable Bhupinder Kaur and Anju Gupta.

From a tender age, I felt a natural inclination towards helping and healing others. As I grew, my avid reading and spiritual exploration broadened my perspectives, ultimately leading me to my calling under the guidance of revered masters. My journey of imparting knowledge and empowering others on their path of self-discovery began with full enthusiasm and dedication.

Allow me to explain the essence of Reiki. Reiki literally translates to "Universal Life Force." It is a hands-on healing technique where the practitioner's hands, when gently placed over the client's body, facilitate healing. Rooted in Japanese origins, this spiritual healing art is taught through a series of initiations transferred from a Master to the student, reconnecting them with the Universal Life Force. Practicing or receiving Reiki calms the mind and raises the life force energy in the body, making it a highly effective preventive medicine, accessible to all.

Why should you embark on this journey with me?

Years of study, practice, passion, and dedication have transformed me into a wellspring of knowledge. Students or clients can benefit immensely from my guidance or treatments, gaining insight into connecting with the universe and all it offers in the most profound way. I am an accomplished practicing Master, seamlessly integrating the Usui Reiki of the West with the original Jikiden Reiki of the East.

I resonate deeply with Master William Lee Rand's vision that "followers of all religions and spiritual paths will work together, through Reiki, to bring peace among all on Earth."

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